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EST: 1974


SECTOR: Insulating Materials

AGENCY: 6o km Thessaloniki - Oreokastro ZIP 57013,

TTH 40306 City: Thessaloniki

REGION: Macedonia

TEL: 682 425 2310

FAX: 2310 683131



PRESIDENT: Dimitris Anastasiadis



Remains at the top by “insulating” the crisi

Today, FIBRAN has 6 production units, utilizing the latest technology for the manufacture of insulation products (Extruded Polysterene, Stonewool and Expanded Polysterene), as well as Gypsum Boards.

In Greece, in the industrial plant located in the Village of Terpni, Serres, FIBRAN produces stonewool insulation products with the brand name FIBRANgeo and extruded polysterene products with the brand name FIBRANxps. Other extruded polysterene production units are located in Portugal, Bulgaria and Slovenia.

In Italy, FIBRAN has invested in the production of gypsum products (gypsum boards and bagged products), as well as in the distribution of insulation, waterproofing and dry construction materials. Finally, in F.Y.R.O.M., FIBRAN produces expanded polysterene.

Today, FIBRAN is the third largest producer of extruded polysterene in Europe.

Overall, 80% of stonewool and 30% of extruded polystyrene produced are exported, either via subsidiary companies, or via a wide network of authorized dealers to over thirty countries worldwide, while the company’s goal is to make a strategic move to “infiltrate” the huge market of China over the next three years.

Meanwhile, FIBRAN is active in the field of research, through its collaboration with academic institutions, both in Greece and abroad. It aims at providing comprehensive solutions and products for the protection of building and industrial structures. The company further aims at providing continuous education to the technical world via the publication of handbooks, software programmes and by frequently organizing scientific seminars and conferences in Greece and abroad.

Amid the worldwide financial crisis in the construction industry, FIBRAN saw its sales in 2010 decrease to 35.4 million euros compared with the previous year when sales surpassed 41 million, while there was also a significant reduction in the net profit before tax which stood at 1.8 million vs. 6.5 million in 2009.

However, proportionally to the existing data for its respective sector, the financial results were kept at a satisfactory level, with the company continuing being profitable; a fact which allows it to be optimistic about the future, developing with careful and steady steps according to its defined policy that has made it one of the major players in the production of insulating materials across Europe and the world.


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