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EST: 1974


OFFICES: 58, Agiou Athanassiou

P.C. 145 69

CITY: Anixi


TEL: 210 210 6299000

FAX: 210 8142129



PRESIDENT: Bechara Salha


BIC Violex S.A.

It was in 1973 when a simple but uniquely intelligent Greek idea translated into a product that changed the habits in male shaving forever, winning the international markets in only
a few years.

The first disposable razor was produced at the company’s VIOLEX facilities, a unique product that hit the “door” of retail outlets all over the world. The company was founded in 1953, with Greek funds and properties, by the Politis family, with its sector of activity being the manufacturing of double-sided shaving blades under the name ASTOR.

In order for the new discovery to achieve the necessary extroversion, in 1974 Violex goes to join forces with the French group Bic, which had a similar breakthrough with disposable pens. In 1998 the company was acquired by the group, BIC SA, based in Clichy, a suburb of Paris in France.

The Bic razor is a Greek innovative product with over 40 Greek patents regulated internationally in the last 8 years alone. Bic Violex today is the center for shaving products of the whole multinational group(R & D and production) and employs 1.100 people. All the new Bic shaving products, for the entire world, are designed and produced in Athens.

Especially at Anixi, there are 3 departments of Research and Development (80 persons) and 4 production plants for shaving products (1,000 people). There, 11 million razors are produced every day, which are exported to 150 countries around the world. In Greece’s facilities, apart from designing razors, production machines are being made, a product that is also exported to the other factories within the group.

In 2010, the company’s figures were affected by the market crisis, although not to a great degree, since the main weapon of BIC is the industry’s exports. Specifically, according to the company’s 37th balance sheet, sales totaled to 129.3 million euros compared with 131.5 million a year ago, presenting a fall of 1.7%. The decline is attributed to lower sales in the domestic market, which amounted to 23 million euros from 29.8 million euros, while exports have improved significantly, covering much of the losses, reaching 106.2 million euros versus 101.7 million.

The pre-tax, depreciation and financial income rose to 14.63 million from 14.33 million, while net profit before tax fell by 6.7% to 11.78 million.

Dimitrios Pisimisis, CEO
“We are proud because today, when the great challenge in Greek society for our survival as a country is development, our company is the flagship of development. And especially now when our country needs extroverted businesses, we export over 90% of our production and bring over 100 million annually in foreign currency, helping in our own way the restoration of the Greek economy. The biggest challenge of this crisis is to learn to insist “buying Greek”, it is to turn ourselves towards Greek products, because with every euro staying in our country and not leaving it as currency, we support domestic production, ensure jobs, reduce the trade deficit and ultimately create growth.“

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