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EST: 1960





OFFICES: Thoriko, 195 00

CITY: Lavrio


TEL. 22920 62.200

FAX: 22920 25.243



Thomas Athanassios

MANAGING DIRECTOR: Thomas Athanassios


Dow Hellas S.A.

The Greek leader in the field of thermal insulation around the Mediterranean

The activities of DOW HELLAS include the production of polystyrene, extruded polystyrene Styrofoam, Roofmate, Wallmate CW, Shapemate GREC as well as the importation and marketing of polyurethane, LATEX and solvents. Some of the products are distributed in the Greek market through storage tanks installed at the plant in Lavrion.

DOW HELLAS is the basis of THE DOW CHEMICAL COMPANY for exportation and marketing development in the Balkans, Turkey, where sales in 2010 exceeded 10 million euros, North Africa and the Middle East. The company has also significant presence in Portugal, Cyprus and Italy. The total international sales last year totaled 15.2 million euros, accounting for 32.8% of the company’s turnover, while in 2011 these numbers are expected to show further growth.

The turnover for 2010 amounted to 46.4 million euros, showing a significant increase of 6 million euros compared with 2009. However the net profit before tax was reduced to 460 thousand, when it was 735 thousand in 2009.

However in 2010, DOW HELLAS spent 2.16 million euros in investments, following the group’s strategy worldwide, which invests approximately 25 million euros each year in research and innovation, trying to stay on top, providing the most advanced products on the market.


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